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3 Reasons Why Wyze Plug Keeps Going Offline + 5 Tips (2023)

Why Do Your Wyze Plugs Keep Going Offline

Have you noticed that your Wyze plugs don’t appear on the Wyze app, going offline, or are they only visible now and then?

Wyze plugs malfunctioning can be incredibly frustrating, and it completely defeats their purpose.

However, fixing these problems is usually pretty simple if you know what to do.   

Your Wyze plugs may keep going offline if your device is malfunctioning. You can fix this by doing a factory reset or turning the Wyze plug off and back on again. If that’s not the issue, the strength of your WiFi signal may be the root of your problems.  

In this article, I will go over possible reasons why you might be experiencing some problems with your plug connections.

On top of that, I’ll give you some ideas to fix these connection issues to ensure your plugs work how they’re supposed to. 

Reasons why your Wyze smart plug keeps going offline

Wyze plugs are a budget-friendly way to automate your home. Remotely controlling your outlets can come in handy, but it can be very frustrating when your plug keeps going offline and you can’t figure out why. 

Here are some possible reasons why this keeps happening to you: 

#1: Your plugs aren’t connected to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network

The Wyze plug is not compatible with 5 GHz WiFi. If your WiFi router is working on a 5 GHz frequency, the appliance won’t work. 

On most routers, you can change this frequency, so it shouldn’t be too big of a problem, and you can resolve the issue within seconds. 

2.4 GHz frequency is better to cover a broader space, so it’s perfect for ensuring all home appliances can connect to your WiFi network. On the other hand, 5 GHz is better for faster Internet, but it only works when you are close to your router.

To switch to 2.4 GHz, you can log into your WiFi router through any Internet browser to change the frequency and ensure you can connect the Wyze plugs to your network. 

#2: Your device is malfunctioning 

If your Wyze plug is malfunctioning, don’t fret! There’s a quick fix. 

Power cycling your gadget or factory resetting the device will reset it entirely, allowing it to resolve any issues that might interfere with the system. 

#3: You have a weak WiFi signal

A weak WiFi signal could easily cause connection issues with your Wyze plugs. 

To diagnose a weak WiFi connection, check the signal strength of your router on other devices in your house, like your laptop or phone. 

If you notice slow internet speeds or a faulty connection on those devices, there’s no reason to mess with the button on your Wyze plugs. Your problem is with your router, modem, or internet service provider. 

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How To Fix Wyze Plugs That Keep Going Offline

So, now that you know what might be causing the disconnect with your Wyze plugs, let’s discuss how you can get them back online. 

#1: Do a network scan

The first step to fixing your offline Wyze plug is to check your internet connection. 

Wyze recommends using an app called RouteThis Helps to diagnose any network issues.  You can find it in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store

This app will do all the necessary diagnostic tests to get your plug back online.

It works by mimicking a Wyze plug, testing the 2.4 GHz connection, reporting the network’s download speeds, and checking on your existing Wyze plug.

If there is an issue, the app will tell you precisely what’s going wrong. 

If it turns out that there’s an issue with your internet connection, try resetting your router and modem.

If that doesn’t work, use your internet service provider’s website to check whether you have 2.4 GHz connectivity or not. 

Modern routers also have a small switch on the back that allows you to change the internet speeds, so check for one of those and flip it to 2.4 GHz to get your Wyze plug back online. 

#2: Power cycle the plug or your router

Turning your device off and on to renew the plug’s system can help fix your connection issues. 

There’s a small power button on the plug to turn it on and off, which is very easy to find.

Give it a press, then wait for it to reboot. 

Move Your Router To Strengthen Your Signal

#3: Move your router to strengthen your connection

If the problem is the strength of your WiFi signal, turning your router on and off could help improve that.

If not, you can bring your router and the plug closer together to strengthen the signal. 

If this method works, consider moving your router permanently to bring it closer to the plug. 

#4: Factory reset

Last but not least, you reset your Wyze plugs to reboot them.

To do so, just hold the button on the plug until the light turns blue and flickers. 

After resetting, you can set up your plug and reconnect it to your WiFi network the same way you did when you first purchased it.

#5: Replace your Wyze plug 

If none of these methods help fix the issue, you may have a broken plug on your hands. 

If you suspect it’s broken, check if there’s a warranty covering your product.

If yes, call the store or seller who offered you the protection plan or warranty to learn about getting a replacement. 

If you don’t have a product warranty and would instead not buy a new one, you can contact Wyze customer service.

They may give you a discount since your former plug is broken. 

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Final thoughts

Wyze plug connection problems could have several underlying causes.

Wyze plugs may go offline if your WiFi has the wrong frequency or is too weak.

If that’s not the case, there might be a problem with the product itself, which you can fix by power cycling your device or doing a factory reset.

You can always contact Wyze Customer Service for more advice or to see if you can replace the plug if all else fails.