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5 Real Reasons Why Alexa Isn’t Calling Your Contacts (2023)

Why Is Alexa Not Calling My Contacts

Amazon’s Alexa offers a seamless way to perform various tasks simply by commanding it using your voice.

However, if this convenient service suddenly becomes unavailable, it is a reasonable cause for your concern.

Specifically, what are you to do when Alexa fails to call your contacts?

The possible reasons for Alexa not calling your contacts could include: your device not being connected to the Internet, using an outdated Alexa app, or Alexa not catching what you said. Diagnosing the problem is the first step to getting Alexa back on track.

In this article, I’ll help you troubleshoot some of the most common culprits behind Alexa not calling your contacts.

Doing so will direct you to a solution that will have you placing those hands-free calls in no time.

Discovering Why Alexa Isn’t Heeding Your Call Commands

The following sections will discuss the most common reasons why Alexa isn’t calling your contacts.

#1: Absent or poor internet connection

An internet connection links Alexa to your mobile phone, enabling it to retrieve the contact information of whoever you intend to receive your call.

Echo devices also need an internet connection to jumpstart their performance.

If Alexa can’t establish that vital link with your phone or the internet, it will be unable to make calls as required.

The solution: check your internet connection

Check Internet Connection

First, confirm that your Echo or mobile device is close enough to your router to pick up its signal.

In the event of a faulty internet connection, restart your router.

Many times, however, WiFi issues are beyond your control.

You should contact your network service provider if the network still doesn’t seem to work on all your devices.

It’s also imperative that the Alexa app and your mobile device share a WiFi connection.

#2: Out-of-date software

When it comes to programs needed to run hardware, newer is often better.

If the Alexa app runs on outdated software, some functions, like placing calls, will be rendered unable to proceed as intended.

Additionally, current software helps Alexa improve its ability to hear you correctly and interpret your words into actionable steps. 

The solution: update your Alexa app

The app facilitating your digital assistant is at its best when it’s up to date.

The name of the latest available version is available on the Amazon Appstore.

If there are any pending updates for the app, you’ll want to let them proceed.

Sometimes, this may mean going in manually to check for updates, especially if your mobile device or Echo is low on space.

Staying on the software side of things, could it be that some setting on your device is preventing Alexa from calling?

For example, you should grant the Alexa app access to your phone’s microphone.

A red ring light on Echo devices indicates that the microphone is off.

Once you turn the microphone on, this light will turn blue, and Alexa should now be able to hear you.

At times, the Alexa app may just need a reset.

A good way of restarting the app is to clear the data on it.

You’ll have to log in anew when you re-enter it, but if some software glitch caused Alexa’s malfunction, this should clear that up.

To reset your Echo device, press and hold the action button for 25 seconds. 

#3: Communication breakdown

If you’re in a noisy environment or far from your phone or Echo, Alexa may not be calling your contacts because it hasn’t heard your command.

Head over to your Alexa history to verify that what Alexa heard was the information you wished to relay. 

The solution: stand where your Alexa can hear you

This fix may be the simplest of them all. You may just need to move closer to your Alexa so it can clearly understand what you’re saying.

Fantastic as Echo devices’ abilities are, they’re not yet able to pick your voice up from lots of noise or over a significant distance. 

It’s advisable to place your Echo in a central spot in the room so it can catch what you say, where you’re talking from notwithstanding.

You should also check if anything obstructs the sound coming into Echo’s or your phone’s microphones.

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#4: Incorrect contact information

While Alexa may have captured the name of the person you want to call, without a valid number attached to that name, Alexa’s virtual hands are tied.

Alternatively, your contact’s name may be spelled differently from what Alexa has interpreted. 

The solution: verify that the contact information is correct

Is the number under that contact valid, or is a digit missing?

Have you articulated the person’s name similarly to its spelling in your contacts?

Furthermore, Alexa allows you to call different types of numbers saved under the same name.

You may have neglected to specify whether, for instance, you wish to call John home or John work.

#5: Hardware issues

Perhaps your Alexa is physically incapable of registering your commands, or it can’t turn your voice into electrical signals.

In these cases, you might have a damaged microphone or an impaired printed circuit board (PCB) to blame for the Alexa glitch. 

The solution: reboot, reset, or repair your Echo device

The number of smart device issues you can resolve with a simple reboot would surprise you.

To reboot your Echo, disconnect it from the power outlet, then plug it in again.

If your Echo has removable batteries, remove and then reinsert the batteries.

If all the steps mentioned above fail, you may want to consider resetting the Echo device back to factory defaults.

Of course, rebooting and resetting sometimes don’t do the trick.

I wouldn’t panic in this case; it’s just an indication that deep-seated hardware issues are likely responsible for Alexa’s failure to call your contacts.

You’ll, therefore, need to have a professional repair your Echo. To do this, contact Amazon’s customer service through their website’s help section.

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Final thoughts

Many hitches can inhibit Alexa’s ability to call your contacts, from internet bottlenecks to something more complex like needing a hardware fix.

Hopefully, now armed with a possible cause, you’re empowered to help your Alexa regain its valuable functionality.