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7 Steps To Fix A Toshiba TV That Won’t Turn On [2023]

Toshiba TV Won't Turn On

Let’s say, you have a Toshiba TV for a couple of years now and it works fine.

However, suddenly this day it didn’t turn. It doesn’t even power up.

Oh no, now what?

Before you get mad, frustrated, or worse…get rid of it.

This is the right article for you.

Read on to find out:

  • How to factory reset a Toshiba Fire TV without a remote.
  • How your smartphone can be used as a remote for your Toshiba TV.
  • And lots more…

Why won’t my Toshiba TV turn on?

Your Toshiba TV won’t turn on because something is wrong with the power supply or your remote doesn’t work properly. It’s also possible your Toshiba TV needs to be reset to the factory settings or the backlight needs to be replaced.

Toshiba TV won’t turn on: 7 steps to fix it

#1: Check the remote

If you want to turn the TV on with the remote, but nothing happens when you press the Power button, then it’s time to check the remote.

We start easy, by checking if nothing is in front of the remote receiver on the TV. Remove things in front of the sensor that could be blocking the signal. 

Also makes sure that the batteries are inserted correctly. The plus symbol + on the battery should be matching the plus symbol + in the battery compartment. The same goes for the minus symbol -.

Note: if you replace the batteries, make sure that they are new. Don’t mix old batteries with new ones.

You can also repair the remote with the TV and we found 2 ways. If you have a Toshiba Fire TV remote, here’s how to do it:

Press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds.

After that, try the remote again and see if it works.

The next way is a bit weird, but for a lot of people, this seems to fix their remote. 

Here’s how to do it:

Press and hold these buttons for 30 sec:

  • The Back – or Return button.
  • The Left Navigation button.
  • The Menu button (3 horizontal stripes).

Then try again. 

If the remote’s still not working, you can think of buying a Universal Remote and if you have a Toshiba Fire TV you can buy this Universal Remote.

In addition to this, you can also use your smartphone as a remote. 

There are a few conditions that need to be checked first when trying this out:

  1. The TV must be connected to your Wifi.
  2. The Virtual Remote setting must be turned on.
  3. Your phone has to be on the same WiFi as the TV.

After that, you can download the Toshiba Smart Center app and try it out. The app is available for Android and Apple.

#2: Power reset

Power Reset Toshiba TV

If it’s not turning on via the remote, then push the power button from the TV and see if it goes on.


Then unplug the TV from the power socket for at least a minute. After that, plug it back in and see if it worked.

You can also unplug it for 20 seconds and during that time push the power button. This will drain the electrical residue from the TV. 

Then wait another 10 seconds and plug it back in. Push the Power button from the TV to see if it works.

#3: Factory reset the Toshiba TV

The next step is to reset the TV like just when it was out of the factory. 

You know, that was the time when things worked perfectly, and guess what: it’s called a factory reset.

’’Ha, since you’re so funny how do you want to do a factory reset when it’s not even turning on?’’’

Good point and there are no guarantees, but this is how to do it on a Toshiba Fire TV without using the remote:

  1. Unplug the TV from the power socket.
  2. Press and hold the Power button from the TV (not from the remote).
  3. Plug the TV back into the power socket while pressing and holding the Power button from the TV.
  4. Hold the Power button until you see the Toshiba logo.

Then it will show you a menu with options. You need to choose Wipe data/factory reset.

You can toggle to that option by pressing the Power button. If you press it, it will go down one option. 

When you are at Wipe data/factory reset press and hold the Power button. After that, it will ask you if you want to continue and you can choose YES. Toggle to YES and press and hold the Power button. 

Note: when you do a factory reset all your user data will be erased. 

After that’s done, you can choose Reboot System Menu. Press and hold the Power button and then the TV will turn off and restart. 

Then follow the steps. 

Note: it’s possible you need to repair the remote with the TV. You can do it by pressing the Home button for 10 seconds.

For some visual guidance, you can check out this link:

Let’s say your TV won’t turn on once in a while and sometimes it does. Or it only stays on for a short while, then you can also Factory Reset the TV via the menu.

Here’s how to do it via the remote on a Toshiba Fire TV:

  1. Press Home.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Go to Device & Software.
  4. Then select Reset to Factory Defaults.

And here’s how to do it on a Toshiba TV model 55L510U18:

  1. Press Menu.
  2. Go to Installation and press Enter.
  3. Go to Reset and press Enter.
  4. Choose YES to confirm.

You may have a different Toshiba TV. In that case, check out your specific TV manual.

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#4: Try a different socket

If you have to happen one of those smart plugs and by mistake, it’s turned off then activate the smart plug again. The same goes for a timer that controls the power outlet.

Another thing could be that the current socket is faulty, then try out another socket.

Also, if you have external devices connected to it. Maybe a Playstation 5 or a soundbar, unplug them. These devices can consume a lot of power, so try the TV without any external devices. 

#5: Check out the cables

You should check the power cables. See if it’s plugged in correctly. 

And look for scratches and cuts in the power cable. If needed, you can replace the power cable. Ask for which type to a technician or mechanic.

Also, check the power plug from the TV itself. Look if it’s not damaged or loosened. While doing this, unplug the power from the TV.

Additionally, check the HDMI cable and the portals. It sometimes can look they are fully in, but they are actually not. It couldn’t hurt to double-check this.

#6: Change the source

This one is a bit embarrassing if this would be the case. It may look like the TV is off if you are on the wrong source or input.

Let’s say the TV box antenna is connected to HDMI 1, but you are staring at HDMI 2. Then you won’t see anything and you should change sources.

Here’s how to do it on a Toshiba Fire TV:

  1. Press Home.
  2. Go to Inputs.
  3. Select the correct Input.

And here’s how to do it on a Toshiba TV model 55L510U18:

  1. Press Input.
  2. Select the input you want and press Enter.
  3. Press Exit to leave the menu.

If this one worked and all that time you blamed the TV that something is wrong with the TV…Well, look at it from the bright side: at least you have a funny story to tell.

#7: Contact Toshiba support

If nothing worked so far, it’s time to contact Toshiba. They are really helpful and to make it easy for you, you can click on this link to contact them.

Tip: write down the model of the TV. They can ask for this.

Hopefully, your TV is still under its warranty.

Also, we found out that there are 2 common issues when a Toshiba TV won’t turn on:

  1. Broken capacitor.
  2. Broken backlight.

It’s worth mentioning and let it be checked by Toshiba.