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15 Ways To Fix Prime Video Not Working On Apple TV (2023)

Prime Video Not Working On Apple TV

It’s Prime Video night with your pals.

The food and drinks are set. And you’re all excited to get started.

But when you tried to play a video via your Apple TV…

It won’t even load.

Frustrating, right?

Well, fret not. There are several easy fixes you can do.

Keep reading to find out:

  • 15 effective ways to fix the Prime Video app on your Apple TV.
  • The most common reasons why Prime Video isn’t working on an Apple TV.
  • Prime Video device restrictions that you need to follow to get it to work on your Apple TV.
  • And a lot more…

Why is Prime Video not working on my Apple TV?

Prime Video isn’t working on your Apple TV due to problems with your WiFi connection. In addition, it’s likely that the app or your media player is glitching. You may have also exceeded Amazon’s device limitations. Moreover, this streaming service won’t work if there’s an issue with your payment.

Prime Video not working on Apple TV: 15 ways to fix it

#1: Force close and relaunch the Prime Video app

Let’s start with the most basic. More often than not, this streaming service isn’t working due to a temporary malfunction.

There’s nothing seriously wrong with the app or your media player. It’s really just a glitch that happens to any app on occasion.

And the solution is to simply close and relaunch it. 

Now, there are many ways to restart an app on Apple TV. But here’s an easy way:

Step #1: Grab your Siri remote. And press the TV button twice. Ensure that you do it fast.

Step #2: You should now be in the app-switching view. Swipe left or right using the click pad or the touch surface until the Prime Video is highlighted.

Step #3: Swipe up to force quit the app. Then press the Back or Menu button to return to the home screen.

Step #4: Wait for about 30 seconds to a minute.

Step #5: Reopen the Prime Video app and play any title. 

#2: Restart your Apple TV

If relaunching the app didn’t do the trick…

Then it’s time to take it 1 step further. And restart your device. This is another effective solution if your Apple TV isn’t working.

Now, there are actually 3 ways to reboot an Apple TV:

  • Via a remote shortcut.
  • Through the Settings menu.
  • By unplugging from the outlet.

I’ll leave it up to you which 1 to choose. But all of them should only take a few seconds to perform.

Restart an Apple TV via the remote

Step #1: If you’re using a first-gen Siri remote, press and hold the Back and TV buttons.

For the second-gen model, it’s the Menu and TV buttons that you need to click.

Step #2: Wait until the Apple TV’s status light starts blinking. 

Step #3: Release the buttons. Your screen should then turn off and on.

Restart an Apple TV by unplugging

Step #1: Disconnect the device from its power source.

Step #2: Wait for 5 to 10 seconds.

Step #3: Plug the TV back into the outlet.

Restart an Apple TV through the on-screen menu

Step #1: Click the gear icon to open Settings.

Step #2: Navigate to System and click it.

Step #3: Scroll down and select Restart.

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#3: Verify if Prime Video is down

Sometimes, the issue isn’t even with the app or the media player.

Rather, it’s with Amazon’s servers. They also experience outages or service interruptions from time to time.

And it’s why Prime Video may also not work on Samsung TV and other devices.

To check if that’s the case, you may visit any of the following sites:

All of them provide a real-time update on Prime Video’s outage status.

“Ok. Just found out that the service is down. What should I do next?”

There’s really not much you can do other than wait. Outages are strictly an issue on the service provider’s end.

But don’t worry. A giant tech company like Amazon has the finest engineers working around the clock.

So when service interruptions happen, they don’t really last long. At most, you’ll just have to wait a few minutes.

In the meantime, you may try to stream from other apps on your Apple TV.

#4: Check if there’s an issue with your WiFi

Check If There's An Issue With Your WiFi

If you want to stream SD content on Prime Video… 

You’d need a download speed of at least 1 Mbps.

For HD, it’s 5 Mbps. And 4K videos require 25 Mbps.

So if the video you’re trying to play is buffering or stuck on loading… 

You likely have issues with your WiFi.

To verify, open a browser on your phone or any device that’s connected to the same network.

Then check your download speed. You may go to either SpeedTest or Fast to do so.

In addition, you may also close the Prime Video app. And launch another streaming service on your Apple TV. 

If you’re still not able to stream from a different app… 

Then it really is a connection problem.

So how do you fix it?

You may try to restart your modem and router. Just disconnect them from the outlet. And plug them back after about half a minute.

Now, are you still having WiFi issues?

Don’t worry. There are several more fixes for that ahead.

#5: Pause internet activities from other devices

In theory, you can connect up to 250 devices to your home WiFi.

However, that’ll cause a massive lag in your online activities.

That’s why internet service providers (ISP) like AT&T only recommend connecting up to 10 gadgets to your WiFi.

And if your connection is slower than usual…

It’s best to have even fewer devices using your WiFi.

So if Prime Video isn’t working on your Apple TV…

Disconnect as many other gadgets as possible from your home network. Or, at the very least, try to pause their internet activities.

That means closing any open apps or web browsers. Or refraining from uploading and downloading files.

With your Apple TV not having to share the WiFi with other devices…

There’s a good chance you’d be able to stream on Prime Video without a hitch.

#6: Reestablish your Apple TV’s WiFi connection

Here’s another effective way to troubleshoot your streaming player’s internet issue:

Have your Apple TV forget your home WiFi. And then reestablish the connection. Here’s how:

Step #1: Press the TV button on your Siri remote.

Step #2: Click the gear icon to launch the Settings menu.

Step #3: Scroll down and select Network.

Step #4: Look for WiFi and then click it.

Step #5: Select the WiFi network that your Apple TV is using. And choose the Forget Network option.

Step #6: Click either the Back or the Menu button on your remote. This will bring you to the Network page again.

Step #7: Select WiFi and choose your home network from the list.

Step #8: Type in your WiFi password. If correct, this should reconnect your media player to the internet.

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#7: Connect your Apple TV directly to your router

Still having issues with your WiFi?

If so, move your router closer to your Apple TV. Sometimes, the distance may also cause connection problems.

But if that doesn’t resolve the issue…

Then consider connecting your Apple TV directly to your router. It’s possible to do so because every version of this device has an ethernet port.

You’ll just need an ethernet cable as well.

If you already have that, plug 1 end into your Apple TV. And connect the other to your router. 

That’s it.

“Wait. So I don’t have to go to the Settings menu for this?”

No, you don’t. It’s not necessary to change any network settings on your Apple TV. It should recognize your wired connection automatically.

Now, if this doesn’t resolve your internet issues…

It’s possible that your ISP is going through some service interruption. You may get in touch with them to know how long it’ll take for them to fix it.

#8: Ensure that you’re following Prime Video’s device restrictions

This streaming app also won’t work if you’ve already exceeded its device limit.

According to its official website

Each account can only stream simultaneously on up to 3 devices. 

So if 3 of your friends or families are already using your Amazon account…

Then you won’t be able to stream at all on your Apple TV.

Moreover, only 2 devices can play the same title at once. 

So let’s say you want to watch a particular movie on Prime Video. 

However, a family member is already streaming it on 1 device. And you have a friend who’s also using your account. And he’s watching this same movie on another gadget.

Therefore, you won’t be able to stream that film until at least 1 of them stops streaming.

The solution here is to simply talk to the others who may be using your account. Ensure that they’re also aware of Prime Video’s restrictions.

And plan accordingly so that your streaming time doesn’t overlap with each other.

#9: Check your Apple TV’s HDMI connection

Are you having sound or picture problems with Prime Video?

If so, you also have to check your Apple TV’s HDMI connection.

This cable is responsible for transmitting both video and audio from a streaming player to a TV.

And if it’s not connected securely… 

You’ll likely have issues regardless of the app you’re streaming from.

So check your Apple TV and your output device’s HDMI port. And ensure that each side of the cable is plugged in there firmly.

You may even try to reseat the HDMI cable. This means disconnecting it temporarily from both sides. And then plug it back again.

In addition, check if your output device has multiple HDMI ports. If it has, then connect the cable to another 1.

You should also ensure that you’re using an HDMI 1.4 or later. Amazon’s website also indicated that older HDMI models may cause streaming issues.

“How would I know my HDMI version?”

A quick way to find out is by checking its plug. If you see a “4K” label on it, then it’s at least version 1.4.

You may also try to recall when you bought it. HDMI 1.4 came out in 2013. So if you purchased it no earlier than that year, it should work with Prime Video.

Would you like to know more about the different HDMI versions?

If so, check out watch this video:

#10: Check if it’s a billing issue

There’s no monthly fee for the Apple TV player. But there is in Prime Video.

And because of that…

Any missed or declined payment would cause the streaming app to stop working.

Perhaps your credit or debit card has expired. Or it has insufficient funds. You also can’t rule out a glitch in Amazon’s system that prevented your payment from going through.

Either way, you should check the email associated with your Prime Video account. You’ll be notified of any failed transactions.

And 1 way to fix it is by updating your payment method. To do that:

Step #1: Launch a web browser on your phone or laptop.

Step #2: Open Amazon’s website and log in to your account.

Step #3: Go to Manage Your Content and Devices and click Preferences.

Step #4: Look for Edit Payment Method. Then select Digital Payment Settings.

Step #5: Choose a payment method and add your details. For example, if you opt to pay via a card, enter its number and expiration date.

Step #6: Click Continue to save your new payment method.

#11: Update the Prime Video app

Update Prime Video App

It’s also possible that the application is already out of date. And that’s why it isn’t working.

Now usually, apps update automatically on an Apple TV. 

But you should still check the Settings menu to ensure that the auto-update option is on. You may follow these steps to do so:

Step #1: Open the Settings menu on your Apple TV. Just click the gear icon to do this.

Step #2: Select Apps.

Step #3: Click Automatically Update Apps and toggle it on.

So now, whenever Amazon releases a new version of Prime Video…

You’ll be sure to get it on your Apple TV.

#12: Delete and reinstall the Prime Video app

If updating the app doesn’t work, another fix you can do is to uninstall it. Then add it again.

Sometimes, applications may also get corrupted. And a fresh install is the only way to resolve it.

Don’t worry, though. This won’t erase your Prime Video account. You’ll just have to log back in as soon as you re-add the app.

This is how to delete and reinstall Prime Video on your Apple TV:

Step #1: Go to the home screen by clicking the TV button on your Siri remote.

Step #2: Highlight the Prime Video app.

Step #3: Press and hold the clickpad center or the touch surface. Release it as soon as the app’s icon starts shaking.

Step #4: Hit the Play/Pause button on the remote. Then click Delete.

Step #5: Press the TV button again.

Step #6: Navigate to the App Store and select it.

Step #7: Click the search icon and type in Prime Video.

Step #8: Once you find the app, hit the Get button. The download and installation process should then begin.

Afterward, launch the app. And enter your Amazon account details.

#13: Install updates on your Apple TV’s software

It’s also crucial to keep your device’s tvOS up to date.

A few times a year, Apple would release software updates. And this normally includes new features as well as fixes to various issues.

Now, if you’re not sure how to update your Apple TV, just follow this guide:

Step #1: Open the Settings menu.

Step #2: If you own a 3rd gen or older Apple TV, select General. Otherwise, choose System.

Step #3: Click Software Update.

Step #4: Select Update Software.

Step #5: Wait for the device to scan for available updates. If it finds something, you’ll see a Download and Install button. Click it.

The download should begin. Your Apple TV will then restart as it installs these updates.

See to it that you don’t unplug the device. Or else, the software won’t update correctly.

#14: Perform a factory reset on your Apple TV

As 1 of your last resort options…

You may also consider doing a complete factory reset of your media player.

Just a heads up. This option will unlink your Apple account from the device. So you’ll have to sign in again.

Also, a factory reset will delete all of your installed apps.

“Will I have to reinstall Prime Video after this?”

That depends. If the streaming service came preinstalled with the device, then no. You won’t need to re-add it.

But if not, then yes. Reinstallation is necessary. Just refer to Fix #12 on how to do it.

As for the steps to perform a factory reset, here’s how:

Step #1: Launch the Settings menu.

Step #2: For Apple TV 4K or HD, select System. For other versions, choose General.

Step #3: Select the Reset or Reset All Settings option.

As with updating, you need to keep your Apple TV powered on during the entire process. You’ll receive a notification on the screen as soon as it’s done.

From there, just sign in with your Apple account. And reinstall Prime Video if it’s not in the Apps menu.

#15: Contact Amazon or Apple for technical support

In most cases, any of the previous fixes would’ve already resolved the issue.

However, there are 2 possibilities if Prime Video still isn’t working on your Apple TV.

First, your device may be having some hardware issues.

Second, there’s likely a problem with your Prime Video account.

So your next best step is to contact Apple or Amazon for support.

For Apple, you may visit their Help Page. Just click the Call button to speak to an agent. The wait time should be less than 2 minutes.

For Amazon, they have a Customer Service page that you can go to. You may also contact them via 1-888-280-4331. That hotline number is open 24/7.