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(9 Fixes) LG Remote Not Working [Updated 2023]

LG Remote Not Working

I must say. 

I never really appreciated my LG TV remote until it stopped working.

And I had to keep getting up to change channels.

Such a hassle.

That’s why I looked for ways to fix it.

And now that it’s working, I’d love to share how I did it.

Continue reading to find out:

  • How to properly disassemble and clean your LG TV remote.
  • 9 simple but effective ways to fix an LG TV remote that isn’t working.
  • The best apps that you can download to turn your phone into a remote.
  • And a lot more…

Why is my LG TV remote not working?

Your LG TV remote isn’t working because the batteries are likely failing. Another possible reason is there are objects blocking the TV’s IR sensor. Dirt build-up may also cause the remote to malfunction. And in some cases, a webOS bug can prevent the TV from recognizing the remote’s signals.

LG TV remote not working: 9 fixes

#1: Check if the batteries are defective

When a TV remote suddenly stops working… 

Defective batteries are almost always the cause.

That’s why they’re the first thing that you need to check.

Try to verify if they’re still functioning.

The easiest way to do it is by using the remote batteries on other devices.

Are they also not working on other gadgets?

If so, then simply look for replacements. 

Any brand of 1.5-volt non-rechargeable AAA batteries should work on LG TV remotes.

But take note.

LG’s official website doesn’t recommend mixing old and new batteries.

So even if only one of the batteries is defective, you’ll have to replace both with fresh ones.

“But what if the batteries are working on other devices.”

If you tried the batteries on other devices and they work…

It means there are other issues with the remote or the TV.

But keep scrolling. Because there are plenty of other fixes you can do.

#2: Power cycle the remote

So you just confirmed that it isn’t a battery issue.

Well, the next thing that you should do is power cycle your TV remote. In other words, restart it.

“Wait, how do you even do that?”

It’s actually simple.

Just take out the batteries. And then press and hold the remote’s Power button. For about 20 to 30 seconds.

Then place the batteries back. And try using the remote again.

Still not working?

Perform a modified version of the power cycle, then.

Once again, you’ll need to remove the batteries. 

But this time, press all of the remote’s buttons. And do it multiple times. At least 2 or 3 clicks per button.

Then return the batteries. And check if your remote’s now working. 

#3: Restart your LG TV

Restart Your LG TV

Aside from restarting the remote, you should also do it with your LG TV.

It’s possible that the issue’s not with the remote. But with the TV itself.

After all, smart TVs like LG do experience software glitches from time to time.

And you can easily resolve it by restarting or soft resetting your LG TV.

This is how to restart your LG TV:

Step #1: Unplug the TV from the outlet.

Step #2: Locate the TV’s built-in Power button. And press and hold it for about 10 to 15 seconds. This is to drain the TV of electrical charge completely.

Step #3: Wait for about a minute or 2.

Step #4: Reconnect the TV to its power source.

And once it powers back on, check if you can now use your remote.

#4: Remove obstructions between the TV and the remote

Your LG TV remote uses an infrared (IR) sensor to control the TV.

And when something’s blocking the sensor, the remote won’t function properly.

So ensure that there are no obstructions. Both on the remote and the TV’s sensor.

You can find the remote sensor on its top edge portion. See to it that no stickers are covering it.

Your LG TV’s IR sensor, on the other hand, is on the bottom right side of the screen.

So make sure no objects are blocking it.

#5: Clean the remote

Believe it or not, dirt build-up can also cause a remote to malfunction.

And that’s also possibly the case with your LG remote.

So you should try to clean it.

But before doing that, you’d have to disassemble it first. 

You’ll need a plastic card to do it. It could be an ID. Or a credit or debit card.

Here are the steps to disassemble an LG TV remote:

Step #1: Take out the remote’s batteries.

Step #2: Grab your plastic card. And then try to wedge it in between the remote’s front and back panels.

Step #3: With the card in between the panels, try twisting it to create an opening.

Step #4: Use the opening to pull the panels apart.

Step #5: Once you’ve split the panels, you may take out the rubber keypad and the circuit board.

You’re now ready to clean the remote.

So what will you need for cleaning?

A dry microfiber cloth should do. Some actually use alcohol or sanitizer as well. But I wouldn’t really recommend it. As it might further damage the remote.

Just gently wipe the circuit board and keypad with the cloth to clean. 

Ensure that you completely wipe out any dirt or debris.

After cleaning, reassemble the remote and try to use it again.

For many, cleaning the remote was how they fixed it.

Would you also like a visual guide? 

If so, you may refer to this video on how to disassemble and clean an LG remote:

#6: Re-register your LG TV magic remote

Now, this particular fix will only work if you’re using an LG TV magic remote. The one with the Wheel button in the middle.

At times, a few of the buttons of that remote will suddenly stop working. It’s actually a common glitch.

And if this is exactly what you’re experiencing…

The solution would be to unregister the remote. Then re-register it.

Essentially, you’ll be resetting it. And it only takes a few seconds to do it.

Here’s how to unregister and re-register a magic remote:

  1. Press and hold the remote’s Home and Back buttons.
  2. Wait for about 5 to 10 seconds.
  3. Release the buttons. This should unregister the remote.
  4. Point the remote at your LG TV.
  5. Press and hold the Wheel button.

A message should appear on your screen. Indicating that the registration of the remote was successful.

#7: Download and install a remote control app

If you believe your physical remote’s defective beyond repair…

You may simply install a remote control app on your phone. 

Through the app, you’ll be able to use your smartphone to control your TV.

For Android users, the best one for LG TVs is the Remote for LG TV app. It’s available for download on Google Play.

For iOS users, I’d highly recommend the LGeeRemote app. You may get it for free on the App Store.

The process of pairing either app to your LG TV is actually similar. Here’s how:

  1. Connect your smartphone to the same WiFi network as your LG TV.
  2. Open the app on your phone.
  3. Wait for the app to discover your LG TV automatically.
  4. If a code appears on your TV, copy it into the app.

That’s it. You should now pair the app and your LG TV. And you may start using it for controlling the TV.

#8: Update your LG TV’s firmware

This isn’t often the case. But occasionally, a bug in LG TV’s webOS may also prevent the TV from recognizing the remote’s signals.

And the way to resolve OS bugs is by installing the latest updates.

So if you haven’t updated your TV in a while, you should do it as soon as you can.

You may use the remote control app to navigate the TV menu.

  1. Tap the remote control app’s Home button.
  2. Navigate to Settings and select it.
  3. Select All Settings.
  4. Select Support.
  5. Scroll down and select Software Update.
  6. Click the Check for Updates option.
  7. If your TV finds available updates, click Download and Install.

Wait for the download to finish. You’d receive a notification if your TV was able to download the updates successfully.

Then turn off the TV by unplugging it from the outlet. And after 10 seconds, plug it back.

Your TV should then install the updates as soon as it powers back on.

#9: Visit LG TV’s online shop to order a replacement

The remote control app’s a good alternative to a physical remote.

However, I understand many of you might not always want to rely on the app. Especially since it can also be a battery drain on your smartphone.

So if you’d rather use an actual LG remote, you may go to their official online shop to order.

The magic remote with voice control costs $60. While you can buy the standard remote for $22.

Just a reminder.

Before ordering a remote, ensure that you know your LG TV’s model number. You can find it in the user manual. Or at the back of the TV.

And when you visit LG online shop… 

Check if the remote you’re planning to buy is actually compatible with your TV. 

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Bonus: Use a universal TV remote

Would you like a more affordable alternative to LG’s official remote?

If yes, then buy a universal remote control instead.

It’s not as fancy as LG’s magic remote. 

But if you’re only after being able to change the channel, volume, or settings…

Then it should be more than enough.

Here are a few that are compatible with LG TVs:

All of those remotes are under $15. So they’re even cheaper than the cheapest official LG TV remote.

But as I mentioned, know your LG TV’s model number before ordering. And verify with the seller if the remote’s compatible with your TV.