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Is There A Monthly Fee For Apple TV? Is It Worth It? (2023)

Is There A Monthly Fee For Apple TV


Apple TV competing with Netflix? Hulu? Disney+?

Why am I not surprised?”

We all knew this was bound to happen, right?

But… Is it worth it? 

Or better yet, is Apple TV’s streaming content entertaining enough to keep long-term?

You’re about to find out:

  • If Apple TV is worth subscribing to.
  • Apple TV’s monthly fee (and if you can subscribe annually).
  • How Apple Plus compares to Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus.
  • What makes Apple TV worth spending for (and who wouldn’t enjoy it).
  • And so much more…

Is there a monthly fee for Apple TV?

Apple TV Plus has a monthly fee of $4.99/month in the U.S. An annual subscription is also available at $49.99. At $4.99 per month, you get full access to all Apple Originals TV shows and movies. For Apple TV channels, each channel has to be purchased separately. Each channel costs between $5 to $11.

Is Apple TV worth it?

Apple TV is worth it if…

  • You’re a serious TV junkie who enjoys original content.
  • You don’t mind a smaller content library with fewer shows.  
  • Streaming movies and TV shows in 4K video quality matters to you.
  • You’re looking to keep costs low when paying for a streaming service.

First of all, Apple TV doesn’t have the same content library size as Netflix or Hulu, but…

When original content comes to mind, these refer to shows you’ll only find on Apple TV+. 

You won’t find high-quality content like these elsewhere.

And that’s not all. 

Most of the shows on Apple TV+ have won multiple awards

That means Apple TV+ doesn’t just pump out mediocre content on its streaming platform. 

Here are a few shows on Apple TV+ that won the Critics Choice Television Award:

Now, take note. 

This list doesn’t include other shows greatly appreciated by Apple TV+ users. 

Apple TV Hardware

Shows like Severance, The Morning Show, and See are binge-worthy and only available on Apple TV+. 

Don’t forget. Apple TV+ also allows 4K streaming capabilities. 

Of course, 4K streaming quality is always a bonus. 

But the biggest problem with 4K streaming is the need for a compatible device or cable as well. 

In addition, not all shows are available in 4K streaming too. 

4K aside, Apple was generous enough to allow up to 6 members for the basic plan

At $4.99/month, it’s a solid contender for a streaming service. 

Not to mention, each member can use their own login info. In other words, you don’t have to share your password with anyone to grant access. 

But what about the cons? 

I’m glad you asked. 

The next section talks about who Apple TV+ isn’t for.

Who wouldn’t enjoy Apple TV+?

Despite Apple TV+’s high-quality, original content, its content library is also lacking. 

When it comes to sheer volume, Apple TV+ doesn’t come close anywhere near 200+ shows. 

In short, Apple TV+ isn’t a platform you can binge-watch Friends or The Office for the eleventh time. 

You won’t find any Blockbuster films here either. 

So if you’ve been meaning to do a Marvel marathon, for example, Apple TV+ isn’t the platform for that. 

Granted, Apple TV+ is much cheaper but the content library is also much smaller. 

If you prefer a platform with a ton of content available, Apple TV+ may not be for you. 

Want to know if Apple TV+ is truly worth the price?

Try the 7-day free trial on Apple TV+. 

Deciding whether Apple TV+ is worth the jump mostly depends on personal preference. 

Personally, I found that words on a screen aren’t always enough to convince you what’s worth your time or not.

I found several shows on Apple TV+ that I just couldn’t let go of. 

And that was enough to make me subscribe to it. 

However, it might be different for you. 

After all, what have you got to lose with a free trial? 

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Is Apple TV or Netflix better?

Apple TV wins over Netflix when you’re talking about affordability. 

How affordable?

Netflix’s basic plan costs $10/month whereas Apple TV+ costs $4.99/month. 

With the basic plan of Netflix, you get:

  • 5 user profiles. 
  • Offline downloads. 
  • 480p streaming quality.
  • An extensive content library. 

However, you need to subscribe to Netflix’s higher plan if you want better streaming quality. 

In addition, Netflix doesn’t offer a free trial period as Apple TV+ does. 

Granted, Netflix wins over Apple TV+ when you’re talking about sheer volume

But let’s be honest. 

Can you say 100% of Netflix’s content are great quality shows? 

Some users say that Netflix Originals are mediocre.

But don’t take this the wrong way. 

That’s not to say that Apple TV+ is better than Netflix.

It’s worth mentioning that Netflix is also…

  • Available in over 200 countries. 
  • Is compatible with a ton of devices – both Android and iOS.
  • Offers a mobile-only plan at $5/month (not available in many countries yet).

Now, for the verdict. 

Which streaming platform is better? 

It’s not enough to say that Netflix is simply better than Apple TV+ because of its extensive library. 

Sure – I love the fact there’s a lot of content I can access on a single platform. 

But if I’m only watching 30% out of the total available shows, it also means something. 

After all, Apple TV+ just entered the market. It hasn’t even been 5 years yet. 

And take note. Apple TV is currently expanding its library. 

So where does that leave us?

And the winner is…

Honestly, I’d like to have both streaming services. 

Netflix has a ton of content that makes me feel I have enough to last me a lifetime. 

Apple TV+, on the other hand, offers quality that leaves me pinned to the couch for hours. 

The way I see it – it’s hard to compare a streaming service that’s been around for more than a decade. 

Apple TV+ only came out 3 years ago. 

Netflix has been growing for years now, but it didn’t grow this big when it first came out too. 

In other words, it’s worth waiting to see how Apple TV+ expands its content library. 

And that includes if they can maintain the quality of its shows over time. 

Netflix surely had enough time to learn from what its users had to say. 

As a result, they’ve adjusted willingly through the years.

Overall, I’d say keep Netflix on your TV or device. But also, go ahead and add Apple TV+ for some fresh and quality content.

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How does Apple TV compare to Hulu and Disney Plus?

Compared to Hulu and Disney Plus, Apple TV is still significantly cheaper. 

Both are solid alternative streaming platforms with a lot of great content. 

However, Hulu’s basic plan includes ads, which can be annoying. Their ad-free plan costs $12.99 per month, which is $8 more than Apple TV+. 

On the other hand, Disney Plus costs $7.99 per month without ads. And it has a bigger content library than Apple TV+. 

If I were to choose between Apple TV+ and Hulu, it’s an easy matchup. I’d pick Apple TV+, and that’s because Hulu shows don’t exactly fit my genre.

Sure – Hulu has great shows like Vikings, Modern Family, or The Dropout

But, these are shows I can also easily access on Netflix. 

Not to mention, I have the complete copies of Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy on my hard drive.

Compared to Apple TV+, I get more value for the price I’m paying plus no ads. 

And 4K streaming. 

If I’m paying $12.99 for Hulu’s ad-free plan and Netflix’s basic plan…

That costs roughly $23 per month. 

Compared to Netflix + Apple TV+ and I pay $15. 

Then again, it mostly depends on the kind of content you’re willing to pay for and watch.  

But with Disney Plus, it’s tough. 

Real tough. 

Star Wars. Disney movies. Marvel movies. And exclusives like The Mandalorian or WandaVision just wow a lot of users. 

Now, Disney Plus came out around the same time as Apple TV+ did.

However, it had over 50 million subscribers during the first 6 months. 

Crazy, right? 

The only problem is that Disney Plus isn’t available in a lot of countries yet. 

You’re also only allowed up to 4 members, whereas Apple TV allows up to 6. 

Nevertheless, Disney Plus makes for a solid contender among all streaming services today. 

If you’d rather wait for Apple TV+ to expand its current library, that’s fine. 

And if you’re looking for good alternatives, Hulu and Disney Plus stand at the top. 

Is anything free on Apple TV?

There’s nothing free on Apple TV as of now. 

For any new user, they can subscribe to Apple TV+’s 7-day free trial. 

Unlike streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu, Apple TV only has one plan. 

It’s not like Hulu or Netflix where you can upgrade to your plan to get additional features and benefits.

So, there are several ways to get a free subscription to Apple TV+. 

When Apple first launched Apple TV+, you could get a free 1-year year subscription. That’s if…you purchased an Apple device. 

Currently, Apple only offers free access for 3 months if you buy any Apple device. These include the following:

Other packages to get free access includes Apple’s Apple One bundle and Apple Music Student Plan.

Best Buy also offers 3 months of access to Apple TV+ when you purchase selected items.

And finally, if you switch to any of T-Mobile’s Magenta plans, you’ll get 1-year free access.

Which channels are free on Apple TV?

Apple TV doesn’t offer any free channels. 

The only way to access free channels on Apple TV is through their 7-day free trial. 

After that, you have to pay $4.99 per month to keep your Apple TV+ subscription active.

How to get the 7-day free trial on Apple TV+?

To get the 7-day free trial on Apple TV+, simply go onto the Apple TV website. Then, follow these steps:

  1. There should be a button saying “Start Free Trial.”
  2. Click the button.
  3. Sign in with your Apple ID.

It’s that simple. 

After 7 days, you can either subscribe by paying $4.99 per month or unsubscribe to Apple TV+. 

Is Apple TV+ available on other devices besides Apple?

Apple TV+ is available on other devices besides Apple. 

Apple TV+ is also compatible with Android devices, Roku, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

Here’s a list of compatible devices:

Apple also has the full list of compatible devices including the TV versions for each TV brand. 

If you don’t have any compatible device, don’t worry. You can use AirPlay to stream Apple TV+. 

Conclusion: How much is the Apple TV subscription?

An Apple TV subscription costs $4.99 monthly and $49.99 yearly. In Canada, an Apple TV subscription costs $5.99 monthly. For Europe and UK, you can subscribe monthly at a price of €4.99 and £4.99, respectively. In Australia, Apple TV costs A$7.99 monthly. Lastly, it costs Rs. 99/month in India.