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(3 Steps) How To Reset Hisense TV Without Remote [2023]

How To Reset Hisense TV Without Remote

Hisense TV remote problems? 

Been there. Done that. 

If only Hisense TV remotes actually had a higher sense #smarter brain. 


Go figure. 

Either way, a broken remote isn’t the end of the world. 

There are 3 ways to reset a Hisense TV without a remote.

The best part? Each method takes less time than boiling an egg. 

Read on to learn:

  • 3 easy steps to perform a soft reset on your Hisense TV.
  • How to reset your Hisense TV using a free mobile app.
  • When to perform a soft reset and hard reset on your TV.
  • 3 quick steps to do a hard reset when a soft reset doesn’t solve your issue.
  • And so much more… 

Can you reset a Hisense TV without a remote?

You can reset a Hisense TV without a remote by unplugging your Hisense TV from the power source. However, this doesn’t always work. In that case, do a hard reset. The reset button is located at the bottom or back of your TV. You’ll have to push the button with a paper clip until your Hisense TV restarts.

How to reset Hisense TV without remote: 3 steps

#1: Unplug your Hisense TV from the power source

Before you unplug your Hisense TV, make sure you’ve manually turned it off.

It’s called a soft reset for a reason. 

Sure – unplugging your TV once from the power source isn’t going to damage your Hisense TV. 

But do it constantly and you damage your Hisense TV’s transformer. 

What if you have to soft reset your TV again a month from now? And then the month after that? 

I know it sounds like I’m paranoid, but honestly…

How hard is it to shut off your TV before unplugging it, right?

#2: Wait for 1 to 2 minutes

After you’ve unplugged your Hisense TV, wait for 1 to 2 minutes. 

This should give your Hisense TV time to recharge. 

Don’t believe me? 

Think of it this way. 

Say you’ve been staring at your phone or laptop screen for 5 hours straight. You’d feel tired, right? 

No wait – tired isn’t the right word for it.

It’s more like… 

Your eyes would hurt. Your head would feel like it’s about to explode. 

And your brain would probably feel like it’s melting. 

Know why that happens? 

Because your brain works similar to a machine. Overwork a machine and it heats up. 

The same with your Hisense TV. It could be heating up, so it needs a reset. 

But if you don’t give it any proper time to cool down, you don’t solve anything. All you get is a meltdown. 

#3: Plug your Hisense TV back into the power source

Plug Hisense TV Back Into The Power Source

Easy as apple pie. 

Plug your Hisense TV back into the power source. Then, turn on your Hisense TV. 

Problem solved. 

“When should I do a soft reset on my Hisense TV?”

If your Hisense TV displays a flickering screen, do a soft reset. 

Your Hisense TV might flicker out of the blue, but don’t panic. You don’t need to drive all the way to a service center. 

Instead, a soft reset should be the first step to to solve this issue. 

Another way to know that you need to do a soft reset is when your Hisense TV displays images but no sound. 

But what if a soft reset doesn’t work? Then, it’s time to do a hard reset. 

How to perform a hard reset on your Hisense TV without a remote

#1: Locate the reset button of your Hisense TV

Warning: A hard reset means resetting your Hisense TV to its default settings. That means your apps will be deleted. If you’re not comfortable with a hard reset, you can contact Hisense TV’s service hotline.

The reset button of your Hisense TV should be located on your TV’s back panel. 

You’ll know because your reset button is usually beside or above your audio ports. 

If your TV has an HDMI port or USB cable port, your reset button should be in the same area as well.

After you’ve located your Hisense TV’s reset button, grab a paper clip for step #2. 

#2: Use a paper clip to press the Reset button

Who would’ve thought a paper clip would come in handy? 

If you don’t have a paper clip, you can use a toothpick for this. 

Now, bend your paper clip first. Why? So that you can use the pointed end to hit your TV’s reset button. 

Then, insert your paper clip inside your Hisense TV’s reset hole. And press the reset button. 

#3: Hold it for 15 seconds or until your Hisense TV restarts

Press your Hisense TV’s reset button for about 15 seconds. After about 10 to 15 seconds, your Hisense TV should restart. 

“When should I do a hard reset on my Hisense TV?”

If your Hisense TV shows a dark screen without any sound, do a hard reset. 

In the event you see your TV’s LED indicator blinking, try a hard reset. However, this most likely means it’s a hardware issue. 

A hard reset might be able to solve the problem but only temporarily. It’s best to take it to a service center if an issue like this happens.

Is there a reset button on a Hisense TV?

Yes, there is a reset button on a Hisense TV. 

However, the location of the reset button might vary for different Hisense TV models. 

For instance, one location would be at the back of your Hisense TV. The back panel should be near your Hisense TV’s model number.

Another location could be at the side of your Hisense TV beside your side panel. 

Your side panel is where you can manually control the volume up & down buttons. This includes the power button of your Hisense TV. 

Finally, some Hisense TV models have the reset button located at the bottom of your TV. 

Note: Your Hisense TV’s reset button is usually in the same location as your audio, USB, or HDMI ports. 

How to reset Hisense TV without a remote using a mobile app?

#1: Download the RemoteNow app on your phone

The RemoteNow app is available on both Google Play Store and the App Store.

Once the download initiates, give it 1 to 2 minutes to finish installing on your phone.

#2: Launch your RemoteNow app

After launching the RemoteNow app, it might ask for access permission. Tap “Allow” on your phone to proceed to the next step. 

When I launched my RemoteNow app, it only asked for my device’s location and phone calls. 

After, the app provided on-screen instructions on how to pair my phone with my Hisense TV. 

Finally, you’ll have to agree to a user agreement in the app. It’s harmless, so don’t worry. 

Note: The RemoteNow app won’t work if you don’t allow access permission.    

#3: Connect your RemoteNow app and TV to the same WiFi network

Assuming your Hisense TV isn’t brand new, it should already be connected to your WiFi network. 

The only thing left to do is connect your RemoteNow app to the same WiFi network your Hisense TV is connected to. 

Easy, right? Simply enter your WiFi login and password then you’re done.

In my case, though, the RemoteNow app automatically connected to the WiFi network. 

#4: Pair your Hisense TV with your smartphone

If the RemoteNow app doesn’t detect your TV, here’s what you can do: 

Step 1: Look for the TV with the small “x” icon on the top-right part of your RemoteNow app.

Step 2: Tap the icon. 

Step 3: The RemoteNow app will display info about the WiFi it’s connected to and a list of TVs in the area. 

Step 4: You should see a refresh button in the upper-right part of your phone’s screen. Tap on it. 

Step 5: The RemoteNow app will refresh and try to find your device again. Then, choose your Hisense TV. 

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#5: Enter the pin in your RemoteNow app

You should see a pin appear on your Hisense TV screen. 

This will be the pin you should enter in your RemoteNow app. The pin is what allows your RemoteNow app to pair with your Hisense TV. 

Once your Hisense TV pairs with the RemoteNow app, you can control your Hisense TV using the app. 

Now, take note. If you reset your Hisense TV using the mobile app, you’ll need to access your TV’s settings. 

The only reset available on your TV is a factory reset. This means all the data stored on your TV will be erased. 

To perform a factory reset on your Hisense TV, follow these steps: 

Using your RemoteNow app…

  1. Go to your TV’s Home screen.
  2. Tap “Settings”.
  3. Click on “Storage and Reset”.
  4. Click “Factory Reset”.
  5. Enter your Hisense TV’s pin to start the factory reset. 

Before you go, here’s a quick guide on how to use the RemoteNow app by Hisense.