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9 Steps To Reset Firestick Without Remote (2023 How-To)

How To Reset Firestick Without Remote

Using your Firestick is straightforward when you have its remote. 

So when you lose or break its controller… 

You start to wonder if it’s still possible to use your Fire TV.

However, consider yourself lucky. 

Because I’ll teach you how you can factory reset your Firestick…

Even if you don’t have a remote.  

So just… 

Continue reading to find out:

  • The different reasons you should reset a Firestick. 
  • Which Amazon app can act as your Fire TV’s virtual remote. 
  • 9 effortless steps to reset your Firestick without a remote control. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Why factory reset a Firestick?

You should factory reset a Firestick if you want to fix a bug or erase all your data from the device. You can also do this if you want to remove all your downloaded content. Or if you wish to improve the overall performance of your Firestick. 

9 steps to reset Firestick without remote

#1: Install Amazon Fire TV on your mobile device

If you don’t have a physical remote on hand…

Then you need to install Fire TV’s official app to use it as a virtual remote. 

“I’m not familiar with that.” 

Don’t worry. This app is very user-friendly, so you won’t have any problems using it. Even if you’re a 1st-time user. 

On top of that, I’ll also guide you through the step-by-step process. 

So simply follow along with the article. And you’ll be resetting your Firestick in no time. 

Now, to start, here are the… 

Easy steps to install the Amazon Fire TV app 

For iOS devices:
  1. Turn ON your iPhone or iPad and head to the App Store. 
  2. Tap the search icon at the bottom-right corner. 
  3. Click the search bar at the top of your screen. 
  4. Type in “Amazon Fire TV.”
  5. Click the app and tap the GET button. 
  6. Input your password or passcode if needed.
  7. Wait for the installation process to be completed. 

To access Amazon Fire TV directly, click here

For Android devices:
  1. Turn ON your phone or tablet. 
  2. Click the search bar and type “Amazon Fire TV.”
  3. Tap the app when you see it on the results. 
  4. Click Install and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  5. Wait for the app to be installed. 

Note: Exact steps may differ depending on the brand or model of your Android device. 

But if you want direct access to the download page, simply click here

“I can’t install the app on my phone.”

If that’s the case, ensure that: 

  • Your mobile device is up to date. 
  • You’re connected to a stable network (Wifi or data). 
  • Your phone or tablet has at least 1 GB of storage left. 

Once you’ve checked these 3… 

You should have no problems installing the app on your device. 

#2: Connect your mobile device to the Wifi 

Connect Your Mobile Device To The WiFi

Now, it’s safe to assume that you’ve already connected the Firestick to your Wifi network. 

After all, this platform can only function if you connect it to the Internet. 

With that in mind, what you should do now is… 

Connect your mobile device to the same Wifi your Firestick is using. 

Because the Fire TV app will only work…

If both devices are using the same network. 

So double-check that you’re not using your mobile device’s data. 

And once you’ve ensured this… 

#3: Turn ON your Firestick

Your app will only detect your Firestick if it’s ON. 

So turn ON your TV along with your streaming device. Then… 

#4: Open the Amazon Fire TV app

Simply click the app’s tile to launch it on your mobile device.  

Note: If you see the Fire TV Announcements window, click the “No, thanks” option. This way, you won’t have any interruptions with this process. 

Now, you’ll see the Connect page of your application. And if you’ve done the previous steps correctly… 

The name of your Firestick should appear at the bottom of your screen. 

So just click it, and proceed to the next step. 

“I don’t see my device’s name.”

In that case, you need to…

Make the app detect your Firestick manually: 

  1. Tap the New Device option at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. You’ll be redirected to a sign-in page.
  3. Input the credentials needed to log in to your Fire TV account. 
  4. Tap Sign In after filling up all the required spaces. 
  5. Wait for the confirmation page to appear. 

#5: Input the code you see on your TV to your mobile device

Now, you’ll see a 4-digit code on your TV screen. 

And your app will also show you a keypad where you can input that same code.

So simply type in the numbers you see on the TV to your app. 

And then… 

#6: Familiarize yourself with the virtual remote

At this point, your app can now control your TV. 

But before you proceed to the exact steps to reset your Firestick…

Ensure that you’re familiar with the buttons on your virtual remote. 

So that it’ll be much easier to follow further instructions later. 

Don’t worry. I’ll guide you through the most basic functions of your app. 

And with that said…

Let’s start with the large space in the middle of your screen. Otherwise called the touchpad. 

See, you can use this space to navigate:

  • Up.
  • Down.
  • Sideways. 

And this is also where you can do the Select action. 

So if you need to scroll, just swipe this part of the screen.

And if you need to select something, just tap the middle part of this touchpad. 

Now the rest of the virtual buttons you see on your screen should be familiar to you.

Because they’re identical to the keys on your physical Firestick remote.

But if you’re interested in knowing more about them, watch this video guide: 

#7: Access the Fire TV Settings

Click the gear icon on the top-left corner of your screen to access your Firestick’s settings. 

Once you do, a small window will pop up, and you should be able to see these options:

  • Sleep.
  • Fire TV Settings.
  • App Remote Settings. 

From these choices, select the Fire TV Settings. 


#8: Select the My Fire TV option

Your TV will now show the Settings page of your Firestick.

And from the options listed on your screen… 

You need to select My Fire TV to reset your device. 

So simply swipe your mobile app’s touchpad to the left until you see its icon. 

And once you’re highlighting My Fire TV… 

Tap the center of the touchpad so you can…

#9: Reset your Firestick to factory defaults

A new window will appear on your screen. And all the available choices will be displayed as a list. 

So scroll down to the bottom to see the Reset to Factory Defaults option.

Then select it by tapping your mobile app’s touchpad. 

Once you do…

You’ll see a confirmation window, and to proceed, just click Reset. 

Now, all you need to do is wait for the process to finish. This generally takes around 10 minutes. 

Note: Don’t unplug your TV or Firestick while the reset is ongoing. 

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Bonus: Use your TV remote as your Firestick remote

Now, if you’re not a fan of virtual remotes… 

I got you.

See, if you still have the remote of your TV lying around… 

You can actually use it to control your Firestick.

Now, of course, you need to set it up first. 

But don’t worry, I’ll teach you exactly how to do so, regardless of your TV brand. 

See, most modern TVs have this feature called HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI-CEC). 

“What’s that?”

It simply means that your TV remote may also control other HDMI devices apart from your TV. 

Like your Firestick, for example. 

Now, depending on your TV’s brand, this setting might be called differently. 

But to help you understand better…

Here’s how the most popular TV brands refer to the HDMI-CEC function:

TV BrandName for HDMI-CEC settings

Now, if your TV’s brand isn’t part of this list… 

Simply refer to its manual to find the name of its HDMI-CEC settings. 

As you need to know what it’s called on your device before you can activate it. 

And speaking of enabling the HDMI-CEC function on your TV…

I’ll guide you through the specific steps of each brand I’ve listed above. 

Note: If your TV isn’t from any of the mentioned companies, don’t worry. The steps to enabling this function are similar, regardless of the brand. 

On that note, here are the…

Steps to Enable the HDMI-CEC function on the most popular TVs

For LG users: 
  1. Turn ON your LG TV. 
  2. Grab its remote. 
  3. Tap the Settings (gear icon) button. 
  4. On your screen, head to the All Settings section.
  5. Tap General.
  6. From the list, find the SimpLink and toggle it ON. 
For Vizio TVs:
  1. Turn your TV ON. 
  2. Tap the Menu button on the remote. 
  3. Click System > CEC. 
  4. Hover over the CEC Function option.
  5. Tap Enable. 
For Sony users: 
  1. Turn ON your TV.
  2. Tap Home on your remote control. 
  3. Head to the Settings on your TV screen. 
  4. Click External Inputs > HDMI CEC Settings. 
  5. Select CEC. 
For Insignia TVs: 
  1. Turn your TV ON and go to its Settings.
  2. Tap Display & Sound.
  3. Select External inputs.
  4. Click the HDMI CEC Device Control option.
  5. Tap ON. 
For Samsung users:
  1. Turn ON your Samsung TV. 
  2. Press the Home button on your remote.
  3. Head to your TV’s Settings.
  4. From the list, tap General.
  5. Scroll down and select External Device Manager.
  6. Hover over the AnyNet+ function.
  7. Toggle this ON. 

Now, that the HDMI-CEC function is enabled…

Restart your Firestick and TV: 

  1. Turn OFF both devices.
  2. Unplug them from their power source.
  3. Wait for 1 minute.
  4. Plug them back into the outlet.
  5. Turn them ON. 

Now, you can use your TV remote to control your Firestick.

So simply navigate using this controller to factory reset your device.

Need a refresher?

Here’s how you can reset your Firestick using a TV remote:

  1. Turn ON your TV and Firestick.
  2. Tap the Up button on your remote.
  3. And continue doing so until the list of menu options appear at the top of your screen. 
  4. Hover over Settings. 
  5. Tap the right button on your remote until you highlight the My Fire TV option. 
  6. Select this icon. 
  7. Now, scroll down until you get to the end of the list. 
  8. Select Reset to Factory Defaults.
  9. Click Reset to confirm the action
  10. Wait for the process to finish. 

And just like that, your Fire TV is back to its default settings.