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Do Eufy Cameras Work With SmartThings? (2023)

Do Eufy Cameras Work With SmartThings

“I have a few Eufy cameras at home. I’m wondering if I can connect them to SmartThings…”

Eufy is a popular smart camera brand among smart home communities.

Their cameras cover the basic functions.

And they got some cool features too!

But do Eufy cameras work with Samsung SmartThings?

Let’s find out!

Continue reading to know:

  • Whether Eufy cameras work with SmartThings.
  • Which automation systems are compatible with Eufy cameras.
  • What other smart cameras you can connect with SmartThings.
  • If Eufy ever plans to integrate SmartThings into their smart cameras.
  • And so much more…

Do Eufy cameras work with SmartThings?

As of writing, Eufy cameras don’t work with SmartThings yet. 

Eufy hasn’t promised nor hinted at chances of integrating their products with SmartThings.

That despite thousands of their consumers asking for SmartThings integration.

“What makes Eufy cameras great?”

A Eufy camera is one of the best smart security cameras you can ever have.

It has a two-way radio, AI technology, advanced sensors, and a wide-angle lens.

On top of that, it’s long-lasting, wireless, and waterproof!

I mean, what more can you ask for?

A single Eufy camera can serve many basic functions. 

Plus, it can provide quality recordings that can be useful in many things.

That’s why many people are invested in installing Eufy cameras in their homes.

What do you observe with the smart home trend?

It’s growing tremendously every single day.

Encouraging many brands to make several partnerships with other brands.

Mainly to make their products compatible with other smart devices.

“Does that mean Eufy has partnered with other brands as well?”

Well, that’s what most Eufy consumers expect.

But that’s not the reality we have right now.

To be frank, Eufy is behind the automation trend.

For once, their security cameras only work with certain automation platforms.

SmartThings became popular in 2014. 

And so, many people have expected Eufy to integrate their products with it.

Eufy Cameras Don't Work With SmartThings Yet

But that’s not what Eufy did…

They didn’t partner with Samsung SmartThings. 

Instead, they focused on integrating their cameras with Apple HomeKit.

Still, a good thing.

But imagine how much automation you can do with your Eufy cameras with SmartThings.

A bit disappointing thinking how Eufy can miss this great opportunity…

Does Eufy have plans to integrate SmartThings with its products?

Eufy hasn’t released any statement yet regarding their product integration with SmartThings.

You can read some of their tech support replies, saying that they’re “looking into it.”

But years have passed. And no progress has ever been made.

“So, should I stop hoping for it?”

Well, we shouldn’t lose our hopes yet. But honestly, no one knows where this is going.

The smart home trend is growing every day. 

Thousands of people are getting interested in it.

That’s why you can witness many brands continually making their products “universal.”

So that they can “fit” naturally in the smart home communities.

Smart homes and automation will continue to grow in years to come.

And maybe, someday, Eufy will jump on this trend as well.

So, fingers crossed!

“Can’t SmartThings help to make this happen?”

I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

But Samsung SmartThings has passed the responsibilities of integrating products to third-party brands.

Meaning, if you’d want to integrate Eufy cameras into SmartThings, put the pressure on Eufy.

Because they’re the sole decision-makers on this matter.

Eufy consumers have long been asking Eufy to integrate their products with SmartThings.

You can see several forums on the Eufy community talking about it.

But maybe we need more effort than that…

Which home automation systems work with Eufy cameras?

Eufy cameras work with a few home automation systems. 

And they’re Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

Among the three, Apple HomeKit is the best home automation system you can use with Eufy cameras.

Throughout the years, Eufy has strengthened its partnership with Apple.

Making their products as compatible as possible with Siri and various Apple products.

So, if you’re a loyal Apple user, then it’s an advantage for you!

Watch this video to learn how to connect Eufy cameras to Apple HomeKit easily:

It also works well with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Which is a plus for Google Home and Amazon Echo users.

If you want to automate your Eufy cameras, you can just use voice commands.

And call for Siri, Google, or Alexa. Whichever you want.

Isn’t that a great deal?

These three don’t come close to other home automation platforms like SmartThings. 

So, expect certain limitations with it.

You can use voice commands to access and control your Eufy cameras.

But don’t expect complex automation with these automation systems.

“But don’t they have automation features as well?”

They do.

But it’s not the same as assigning a “trigger device” to automate several devices in your home. 

Which you can do with other advanced home automation systems.

What smart cameras work with SmartThings?

“I still want to use SmartThings to automate security cameras in my house. What other cameras can I use?”

Samsung SmartThings is compatible with many smart devices and brands.

So, you can use several security cameras with it as well.

Eufy cameras aren’t part of the option right now. So let’s scrap them out.

Here are some great camera brands that work with SmartThings:

  • Arlo.
  • Ring.
  • EZVIZ.
  • SmartThings.
  • Ring Doorbell.
  • YI Technology.

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If you don’t want the hassle and struggle of setting up cameras, go for Samsung SmartThings Indoor Cam.

Since it’s from the same brand, you can connect it easily and directly to the SmartThings app.

If you want to use various types of cameras at home, Arlo Cameras are some of the best choices.

Since this brand offers several cameras for different purposes.

Want something that you can install in your front door? Then, the Ring Video Doorbell is the right one for you!

It’s built-in into a smart doorbell. So, you can monitor the traffic and movements in your front door and yard.

Looking for something that provides advanced features?

EZVIZ Security Camera and YI Technology Home Camera are two great options.

These two support external storage as well.

So, if you want to store recordings for later use, they’re the perfect smart cameras for you.