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Do Blink Cameras Work With SmartThings? (2022)

Do Blink Cameras Work With SmartThings

Anything can happen in a blink.

Fortunately, safety can come on a budget. Something that can keep an eye on your loved ones.

The smartest choice? Get a Blink camera!

And if you have SmartThings set up at home, consider yourself lucky.

Now, you may be thinking:

“Would Blink Cameras be compatible with SmartThings?”

Read on to find out:

  • If Blink Cameras work with SmartThings.
  • The 5 best cameras that can sync with SmartThings.
  • The easiest way to add Blink cameras to SmartThings.
  • Why Amazon products go well with Blink camera’s features.
  • And so much more…

Blink Cameras can work with SmartThings. But with only limited features. Also, the integration process takes technical knowledge. You need to create a virtual switch, an IFTTT account, and an Applet. You should also have all 3 SmartThings requirements.

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#1: Samsung SmartThings Indoor Camera

Samsung SmartThings Indoor Camera

Did you know? SmartThings started small. They were an independent company. Launched in 2012, then bought by Samsung in 2014.

The team-up makes it no question. No coding or tech work is needed. The Samsung SmartThings Indoor Camera is a perfect match. Most especially for your SmartThings home system.

The Samsung Indoor Camera directly works with SmartThings. Easy to set up. Records a crisp 1080p HD quality with intelligent motion sensors.

Also, customizing your automation rules will be a piece of cake. You can easily change commands. Like “Turn on camera at 11:00 pm when I’m away.”

However, it only works with the new SmartThings app. It records in 1-minute clips. And it doesn’t store data on an SD card. You have to buy the SmartThings Cloud Video Service.

#2: Arlo Pro 2

User-friendly, affordable, and wire-free. The Arlo Pro 2 is incredibly popular. Especially among people looking to protect their homes and offices.

Good news! The Arlo Pro 2 is quite versatile. Being compatible with SmartThings and even Amazon Alexa.

Don’t forget to buy an Arlo Base Station. This accessory collects all the recordings from your camera. You can even put these files in a USB or Cloud storage.

To integrate Arlo Pro 2 to SmartThings, download the Arlo app. Be sure to name your Arlo Pro 2 in the app. Then, disarm it, and connect it to your SmartThings. You need to do this on the SmartThings app.

Note: The Arlo 3 and newer Arlo Cameras don’t work with SmartThings.

#3: Google Nest Cam

Google and Samsung – the dynamic duo – have been amazing together. And that’s why just recently, all Nest Products are compatible with SmartThings.

The Google Nest Cam works 24/7. With 1080p HD quality and 2-way audio for communication. It even sends you a notification. Whenever there’s suspicious activity around your home.

Connecting the Nest Cam to SmartThings doesn’t take much. You only need your SmartThings app. Tap the “+” button. And select Device on the Add screen.

You can also connect your Nest account with SmartThings. That way, all your devices, and your settings can sync.

#4: Arlo Q

Arlo Q

The Arlo Q not only integrates well with SmartThings. It also gives free cloud storage! No more pesky subscription fees.

Armed with excellent night vision and a 130-degree view. You wouldn’t even notice this bad boy is an older model. As compared to the others on this list.

To integrate Arlo Q to SmartThings, download the Arlo app. Give your Arlo Q a name in the app. Then, disarm it, and connect it to your SmartThings. You need to do this on the SmartThings app.

#5: Ring video doorbell

Though not a standalone camera, this boosts your home security.

The Ring video doorbell integrates perfectly with SmartThings. It has two-way audio. So you could talk to anyone at the front door.

Plus, you can check Recent Activity. And even tell it to notify you when the doorbell is pressed.

All these neat features are possible – even without the Ring app!

Note: Not all Ring products are compatible with SmartThings. Though most have “Works with SmartThings” on its box and official website. The features are only limited. Only the Ring Video Doorbell allows SmartThings to work all functions. Like taking screenshots and viewing live feeds.

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I see you bracing for impact. You may be mentally preparing yourself. Knowing now that integrating your Blink to SmartThings could be back-breaking.

Just take a chill pill. It’s really possible!

Now, we make the list…then, you check it twice!

Before you get things moving, you must have:

A SmartThings Home Hub

Think of it as your home’s main command center. You can control and connect ALL your gadgets. In just one place!

A device supported by SmartThings

Here, it’s your Blink camera (an automatic check on this one). But did you know? SmartThings can also work with tons of other smart devices. Like thermostats, locks, TVs, and speakers.

The SmartThings app

Don’t forget to download this app! This is similar to a home assistant. Easily available on Google Play and the App Store. It allows you to manage your home system… all at your fingertips!

So you’ve got all 3 things checked off. It’s time for you to set up your Blink with SmartThings and IFTTT.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT stands for “If this, then that.” It’s an automation tool. And it lets you program all your devices and apps. With a free account, you can enable them to do certain tasks. These tasks can even be beyond what they’re designed to do!

To integrate your Blink:

  1. Use IFTTT to connect Blink Services with SmartThings. Allow your Blink cameras to accept.
  2. Make an Applet.
  3. Select either Switch On or Switch Off on IFTTT.
  4. Look for your camera’s virtual switch.
  5. Make a new trigger. Choose “+ that.”
  6. Go to the Blink camera that you want to control.
  7. Add the Blink camera to your list of Routines. You can do this with your SmartThings app.

Everyone has that one imaginary friend. But it isn’t anything like childhood.

Now, we tell them to turn on the lights. Close the door. Shut down the cameras.

You can do the same with your Blink cameras. With the help of Amazon Alexa.

Amazon took Blink under its wing in 2017. This means your Blink cameras can get even better with Amazon products.

You can tell Alexa to show live video, playback clips, and disarm your camera. Plus points if you have an Echo speaker. As it can alert you when your camera senses motion.

Also, you can use your Alexa Show to view your camera’s live feed.

As of now, Blink cameras are incompatible with Apple Home Kit and Google Home.

If you’ve been using Amazon products for the longest time. Then, Blink cameras would be a no-brainer choice.