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4 Easy Steps To Change The Screensaver On LG TV (2023)

Can You Change The Screensaver On LG TV

I’m an animal lover. And I particularly love our canine pals.

However, lately, there’s one who’s got me going:

“Oh, great. It’s that dog again.”

And it’s the default screensaver on my LG TV.

The good thing is I was able to change it.

Need help with yours?

Keep reading to discover:

  • How you can disable the screensaver of your LG.
  • Which images can you use as an LG TV screensaver.
  • 4 easy-to-follow steps to changing the screensaver on LG TV.
  • The secret method on having your pictures as the screensaver of your LG.
  • And so much more…

How to change the screensaver on LG TV – 4 steps

Step #1: Change your screensaver using your remote

“I’m getting tired of looking at the same thing over and over again.”

That’s exactly what I thought months after getting my LG TV.

It might not be a big deal to others…

But it is to me.

And, since you’re here…

I know you want to change your screensaver too.

Well, you’re in the right place.

The first thing you must do to change the photos on your screen is grab your remote.

Now, proceed to:

  1. Go to your Home menu.
  2. Head to Apps.
  3. Select Art Gallery.
  4. Choose your desired theme.

The Art Gallery app has replaced LG’s old screensaver settings.

This is because LG wants to highlight as much good art as possible.

Great deal for artists everywhere, right?

Now, on the Art Gallery menu, you have 4 themes to choose from:

  • Meditation: Calming and serene photographs.
  • Masterpieces: Curated paintings from renowned artists.
  • Abstraction: Amazing art pieces that go against the norm.
  • Ordinary but Special: Collection of colorful vector paintings.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, you can further customize it.


Be idle until your screensaver shows.

The moment it does, press the Down button on your directional pad.

From there, you can change your screensaver’s Speed and Sound.

Speed dictates how fast your screen shows each picture on the album…

While Sound enables or disables the music of the theme that LG selected.

To see the LG Art Gallery in action, take a gander at this video:

Step #2: Change your screensaver without a remote

This time, what if you don’t have your remote?

Probably it broke, run out of batteries…

Maybe even got lost in the middle of your couch cushions?

Whatever the reason may be…

You can still change your screensaver without a remote.

However, you’ll need your smartphone.

Once you have yours in hand, you’ll have to download and access the remote app. Here’s how to do all that:

  1. Connect your phone and TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Download and open the LG SmartThinQ app. (Available on Android and iOS.)
  3. Next, go to your app’s Home menu.
  4. Press the Add (+) button at the top part of your screen.
  5. Select the TV option.
  6. Choose your LG TV from the list.
  7. Enter the numbers on your LG TV screen to your smartphone.

You now have a remote for your LG TV.

Next, inspect your phone. You should be able to find the following buttons:

  • Input.
  • Mute.
  • Home.
  • Power.
  • Settings.
  • Volume Up and Down.
  • Channel Up and Down.
  • Fast forward and rewind.

Now, you can just follow the steps from “Step #1” to change your screensaver…

Then you’re good to go.

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Step #3: Use your USB

Here’s the truth:

You can change your LG TV screensaver…

But you can’t change it to anything that you like.

For example, cute baby photos or pictures from your latest vacation? LG says no.

Why is that?

You see, there’s such a thing called Screen Burning.

It’s when images left too long on your screen leave a mark…

Kind of like a fingerprint.

There are a couple of things that can trigger that.

And extremely bright images are one of them.

To avoid this from happening, LG themselves handpick the images you can use as a screensaver.

Bummer, right?

However, there’s a way you can get past that.

You have something on your LG TV that can imitate a screensaver.

And that’s the Slideshow function. For you to do this, follow these directions:

  1. Open a laptop or a PC.
  2. Get any USB.
  3. Put the images you want as a screensaver on your flash drive.
  4. Next, insert the flash drive into your LG’s USB port.
  5. Press the Input button on your TV remote.
  6. Select your flash drive.
  7. Open any photo from your flash drive.
  8. Tap the Down button on your remote.
  9. Choose the Play option.

Voila. You now have a “screensaver.”

It’s not ideal, I know. But we make do with what we have…

Besides, this isn’t any different from a real screensaver anyway.

Step #4: Get a streaming device

Remember what I said earlier?

LG says no when it comes to making your photos your screensaver…

But you know how they’ll say yes?

By making you spend a few bucks.

How much?

Well, that depends on which Android streaming device you buy.

Step #4.1: Buy an Android streaming device

I know what you’re thinking:

“Why buy a streaming device just to change my screensaver when I already have a smart TV?”

That’s a great question.

And the answer? You don’t have to.

However, consider this…

Streaming devices actually have a couple of advantages over plain smart TVs, like:

  • Better longevity.
  • A wider range of apps.
  • More frequent updates.
Xiaomi Mi Box S

So, which streaming device will you need?

Anything, as long as it runs on Android TV OS.

Here are my recommendations:

Have you got one?

Let’s now head to…

Step #4.2: Change your screensaver

You’ll need your smartphone for this.

First, download the Google Home app on your phone (Also available on Android and iOS). And then:

  1. Upload your chosen screensaver pictures on your Google Photos app.
  2. Return to the Google Home app.
  3. Open your TV and the Android streaming device.
  4. On your phone, tap your streaming device to pair.
  5. Go to the Settings page.
  6. Head to Ambient Mode.
  7. Choose the Google Photos option.

If that didn’t work, always make sure that your Android streaming device is/has:

  • Updated.
  • On your main input.
  • An unbroken HDMI cable.
  • Firmly connected to your TV.

How do I turn off the screensaver on LG TV?

You can turn off the screensaver on LG TV by following these 4 easy steps:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Head to your Settings.
  3. Go to the General Settings tab.
  4. Set Screensaver to Off.

Alternatively, if you have the latest LG firmware and you’re using Art Gallery…

Simply close the app by pressing your remote’s Home button.

You can also close it by performing a system restart on your TV with these instructions:

  1. Hold the Power button on your remote.
  2. Once a prompt appears, select Restart.

What’s the point of a screensaver?

The point of a screensaver is for your device to use less electricity when it’s not used.

You see, we all have idle times.

For example, you’re not going to use your TV for hours.

So, the question for manufacturers was:

“How can we limit the energy consumption when our devices are stagnant?”

The answer was a screensaver…

Or an image that’ll play on your device once it doesn’t detect any activity.