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Are Robot Mops Worth It? 11 Advantages & Disadvantages 2023

Are Robot Mops Worth It

I’m still amazed at how we’ve come with home automation.

There are many gadgets now that make household chores easy.

And to me, among those that stand out are robot mops.

Now, you’ve likely heard of people hyping them.

But the question is…

Are they really worth it?

Keep reading to find out:

  • 3 robot mop recommendations that’ll fit any budget.
  • 5 of the best hybrid mop-and-vacuum robots that you can buy.
  • 7 reasons why robot mops are worth it and 4 reasons why they aren’t.
  • And a lot more…

Are robot mops worth it?

Robot mops are worth it. They’re excellent at cleaning various surfaces. And they can work in tandem with robot vacuums. Moreover, robot mops are advanced enough that you can control them remotely. And tell them exactly where to clean. They aren’t cheap. But the benefits make them worth it.

7 robot mop advantages

#1: You’ll have more time to do other things

As they say, time is precious.

And what robot mops can give you, more than anything, is more time.

Because let’s face it. Mopping is among the most difficult and most time-consuming tasks.

Having a robot mop take care of it frees you up to do other things.

This will help you be more efficient in doing other household chores. 

So you’ll be able to rest more. Have more time for your hobbies. And be able to spend more time with your family and friends.

This one advantage alone already makes robot mops well worth it.

#2: You can program it to clean on certain schedules

You Can Program Robot Mops To Clean On Certain Schedules

The great thing about robots is they follow orders.

With robot mops, you can set a certain time for them to clean. And they’ll do it.

The only time they wouldn’t be able to follow is if they malfunction. But that doesn’t happen often.

Furthermore, you can also control robot mops remotely.

Let’s say you’re on your way home. And you want to come home to a clean space.

Well, you can simply fire up the app connected to the robot mop. And through it, command the robot to start mopping right away.

You can even tell it where to clean specifically. 

And, like a good soldier, it’ll obey your command. 

Another thing that makes robot mops awesome.

#3: Works well on multiple surfaces

Most robot mops would work well on many surfaces. 

Whether it’s stone, ceramic, porcelain, or wooden floors. They’d be able to clean them really well.

And the reason for that is the robot mops’ versatility. 

They can perform dry, damp, or wet mopping.

Just ensure that you use the appropriate pads for the type of mopping you want.

There are specific pads for different kinds of mopping. And these pads usually come with attached cards that the robot mop can read.

So once the robot mop sees the card and detects the type of pads it has… 

It’ll then start mopping accordingly.

#4: Can work in tandem with robot vacuums

Some robot mops can work in tandem with robot vacuums.

An example is iRobot’s Braava Jet m6.

You can program this mop to work with certain iRobot Roombas. Such as the i7. And the top of the line robot vacuum Roomba s9+.

When you link these mops and vacuums together, they’ll proceed to take turns cleaning.

The Roomba will start vacuuming first. And as soon as it finishes and returns to its dock, it’ll send a signal to the Jet m6.

This will trigger the robot mop to start mopping the areas that the Roomba just vacuumed.

Pretty cool, right?

And if you want to see how a robot mop and vacuum work together, watch this video:

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#5: Can fit into tight spaces

To be honest, some of iRobot’s robot mops are actually too bulky to fit in tight spaces.

However, most hybrid robot vacuum and mops certainly can.

Here are just a few of the best mop-vacuum combos:

All of these are less than 5 inches in height. This means they’d be able to fit even in hard-to-reach areas. Such as under a sofa or bed.

And that’s great because you normally wouldn’t be able to clean those. When you’re only using a regular hand-held mop.

#6: Advanced home-mapping capability

Robot mops have only been around since the early 2010s. But they’ve already come a long way.

Like robot vacuums, the best robot mops also now have advanced home-mapping abilities.

This means it can scan your entire home. And create a map it can follow in cleaning as efficiently as possible.

This capability also keeps the robot mops safe from falling from stairs. Just like robot vacuums.

Home mapping also allows owners to choose which rooms the robot should mop. And which areas to avoid.

All of iRobot’s robot mops have this capability. 

But other brands with this feature include the Roborock S7 MaxV and the Eufy RoboVac L70.

#7: Smart enough to avoid rugs and carpets

One of the concerns of many who are looking to buy a robot mop is…

What if it accidentally splashes water on carpets or rugs?

Well, don’t worry. Because robot mops are smart enough to avoid them.

They have built-in sensors that detect the objects they come in contact with.

So the robot mop will simply avoid anything with the texture of a regular carpet.

4 robot mop disadvantages

#1: Expensive

The cheapest robot mops generally sell for around $100. One example is the Zoozee Z50.

However, robot mops that are cheap don’t really clean well. They also end up breaking down within 1 to 2 years.

So if you want a decent mop, you’ll have to invest anywhere from $180 to $500. Those are the price ranges of iRobot’s mops.

And that doesn’t even include repair and maintenance costs. 

Now, compare that to a regular mop. Which typically costs around $20 to $30. And you’ll realize how big the price difference is.

The bottom line is that robot mops are great gadgets. But they come with a hefty price.

So you’ll really have to weigh the pros and cons before buying one.

#2: Won’t be able to clean as thorough as a hand-held mop

The best robot mops should clean well enough. 

It’s just that they’ll never be as thorough as hand-held mops.

And that’s because robot mops aren’t capable of scrubbing hard.

This means they can clean the usual liquid spills. But they won’t be able to remove those stickier types of floor stains.

So even with a robot mop…

You might still have to clean certain spots on your floor manually.

#3: Refilling water and replacing pads require human intervention

Robot mops these days have many amazing features.

Unfortunately, refilling their own water tanks isn’t of them. And they’re also not capable of replacing their mopping pads.

In other words, your robot mop still requires plenty of human intervention.

You’ll still have to check its water content constantly. And if you want it to mop a certain way, you’ll have to put in the required pads manually.

We’ll just have to hope that these missing features get added in the next few years. 

#4: Not compatible with cleaning solutions

One common complaint about robot mops is their inability to use cleaning solutions.

Most robot mops can only use water. 

That’s because cleaning solutions may actually cause damage to the hardware.

Of course, there are exceptions. 

iRobot’s mops are actually capable of using certain cleaning solutions. 

However, these are limited to those produced by iRobot. So 3rd party cleaning products won’t work.

Which robot mop is best for me?

The best robot mop for you is the Braava Jet m6. At $450, it has everything you’ll want from a robot mop. It’s the most thorough cleaner among all robot mops on the market. You can command it to clean specific areas in your home. And it works great with iRobot Roombas.

Now, if you’re looking for a cheap but high-quality robot mop, go for the Braava Jet 240.

And if you prefer a mop-and-vacuum combo, the iLife V80’s the best. 

Best overall robot mop: Braava Jet m6

The best robot mop that money can buy is the Braava Jet m6.

Of course, it should be no surprise that it’s an iRobot product. The company’s an industry pioneer, after all.

But at $450, the Jet m6 has all the features you’d need from a robot mop.

First, let’s discuss its cleaning performance.

Among all robot mops available, nobody compares to the Jet m6. It cleans more thoroughly and more efficiently than others.

Whether it’s a coffee spill. Or pet dirt. The Jet m6 does an excellent job cleaning them. Thanks to its Precision Jet Spray that accurately targets floor stains.

Moreover, it’s also built with iRobot’s advanced home-mapping system. So you can direct it to clean certain areas in you house.

And it works well with Roombas. You can program them to take turns cleaning.

The only drawback?

It can only use either water. Or iRobot’s cleaning solution.

But even with its relatively high price…

This is certainly the best one to buy.

Best budget robot mop: Braava Jet 240

If you’re tight on budget but still want a quality robot mop…

I highly recommend the Braava Jet 240.

Also from iRobot, it only costs around $180. Less than half the price of the m6.

It doesn’t have a home-mapping ability. And it’s not as thorough in cleaning as the m6.

But it still performs well enough.

With its compact build, it can reach tight spaces.

It also has several cleaning modes. Dry, damp, and wet.

And, like the Jet m6, the 240 is built with Precision Jet Spray. So you can rest assured that it won’t miss a spot.

Overall, a great entry-level robot mop.

Best hybrid mop and vacuum: iLife V80

Do you prefer a hybrid mop and vacuum?

If so, the iLife V80 is perfect for you.

You can buy one for $250. Excellent price for a combo robot cleaner.

As a vacuum, it’s good at cleaning hard floors. However, it doesn’t perform as well with carpets. 

But as a mop, it does well enough in wiping out floor stains from liquid spills.

And it has an intelligent mopping system. This allows you to control how much water it uses.

In addition, it also integrates it with Alexa. So you can easily command it with your voice.