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Are Arlo Cameras Compatible With SmartThings? (2023)

Are Arlo Cameras Compatible With SmartThings

Wireless, feature-packed, and versatile – Arlo cameras deserve all the praise.

A front-runner among cameras. It meshes well with most home automation systems.

And so, you may have hopped on the bandwagon. And got yourself one.

But then, you’ve been using SmartThings in your home. Like for the loooongest time.

Now, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

“Are Arlo cameras compatible with SmartThings?”

Read on to find out:

  • If Arlo Cameras work with SmartThings.
  • The easiest way to add Arlo Cameras to SmartThings.
  • 3 home automation systems that let you get the most out of your Arlo Cameras.
  • And so much more…

Are Arlo cameras compatible with SmartThings?

Most Arlo cameras are compatible with SmartThings. This includes the Arlo Pro, Wire-Free, Q Plus, and Q models. Except for the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera. To connect, you need to name your cameras, disarm them, and integrate them. The whole process can be done through the SmartThings app.

How do I add Arlo cameras to SmartThings?

How To Add Arlo Cameras To SmartThings

Connecting your Arlo cameras to SmartThings is simple as can be. 

Ready to get started? Just be sure to have all these set up!

Step 1: You should have a SmartThings Smart Home Hub. Think of it as your home’s main command center. You can control and connect ALL your gadgets. In just one place!

Step 2: You should have a device supported by SmartThings. Here, it’s your Arlo camera (an automatic check on this one). But did you know? SmartThings can also work with tons of other smart devices. Like thermostats, locks, TVs, and speakers.

Step 3: Download the SmartThings app. This app is similar to a home assistant. Easily available on Google Play and the App Store. It allows you to manage your home system… all at your fingertips!

How do I integrate my Arlo camera to SmartThings?

Note: Have your Arlo app ready for these next steps!

Step 1: Rename your Arlo camera. Skipping this step would have its serial number as its name. Make sure it’s easy to remember.

To rename your camera:

  1. Open your Arlo app.
  2. Select Settings, then My Devices.
  3. Choose your camera.
  4. Click the pencil icon in the upper right corner.
  5. Enter a new name under 32 characters.
  6. Hit Save.

Step 2: Got your account prepped? If yes, then ensure your Arlo cameras are disarmed.

Integrating your Arlo camera creates a new SmartThings mode. Disarming your camera allows you to use the schedule and geofencing modes.

To disarm your camera:

  1. Open your Arlo app.
  2. Click Mode.
  3. Select the camera you want to disarm.
  4. Tap Disarm.
  5. Exit the app to save changes.

Step 3: Now, you’ll be integrating your Arlo Camera to SmartThings. You’ll need a SmartThings account to do this. No account yet? Tap Sign Up in your SmartThings app.

To integrate your Arlo in the app:

  1. Go to Marketplace.
  2. Select Things, then Safety and Security.
  3. Tap Cameras, then Arlo.
  4. Choose Arlo (Connect), then Connect to Arlo.
  5. Enter your Arlo login details.
  6. Accept the Privacy Policy.
  7. Tap Done.
  8. Select Connect to Arlo Cameras.
  9. Choose the camera you want to connect.
  10. Tap Done.

After these steps, you can see your Arlo Camera in the SmartThings mode in your Arlo app. Just go to My Home, then select Things.

Which home automation systems work with Arlo cameras?

Unlike its competitors, Arlo proves to be a fan favorite. It’s compatible with a handful of automation systems. Making it an all-around smart choice.

Working Arlo Cameras with Amazon Alexa

Working Arlo Cameras With Amazon Alexa

Using your Arlo Cameras has never been this convenient. You can now see your live feed. With the help of Alexa and most Amazon devices.

All Arlo Cameras can do wonders with the Arlo Alexa Skill. That means you can tell it to broadcast what your camera is recording.

Want to test this out?

You should have at least one of these devices:

  • Echo Spot.
  • Echo Show.
  • Fire TV (all generations).
  • Fire TV Edition smart TVs.
  • Fire TV stick (second-generation only)

There are two ways to link Alexa to your Arlo cam.

One, you can ask Alexa, “Alexa, enable Arlo skill.” Then, you’ll receive the instructions. 

Or you search for Arlo skill on your Alexa app. Then, select Enable Skill to link your Alexa account to your Arlo account. Now, you’re set.

Working Arlo Cameras with Google Home

Guess what? Arlo Cameras can also be integrated with Google Home!

If your Google Home Assistant helps you out in your day, your Arlo Camera can make it even better.

Connecting your Arlo to your Google Home, you can check your live cam feed. Through your Google devices and smart screens.

Unlike SmartThings, Google Home works with all Arlo cameras. Including the Essential series.

Before you integrate Google Home with Arlo..

You must at least have:

Having one of those is enough.

To connect:

  1. Open your Google Home app.
  2. Select Add +.
  3. Tap Set up device, and then, Work with Google.
  4. Find and choose Arlo on the search icon.
  5. Enter your Arlo login details.
  6. Accept permission to link Arlo with your Google account.

Then, choose the cameras you want to link. You can sort them into groups.

Once connected, Arlo will show the camera’s feed in the app.

Working Arlo Cameras with Apple Homekit

An apple a day keeps the bad guys away.

Your Arlo Camera is also compatible with Apple Homekit. This puts Arlo on the pricier side than other cameras. 

Fun fact: Also, Arlo has a very unique safety feature. In emergencies, you can call 911 on the Arlo app. Which connects you to operators closest to your home.

To use Arlo with Apple Homekit:

  1. Open your Apple Home app.
  2. Select “+”.
  3. Select Add Accessory.
  4. Scan the HomeKit setup code. You can find this on your Arlo base station or quick start guide.

You’ll see the setup flow. This will tell you to name the cameras. And put them in Homekit rooms. Then, you’re all set.