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Peter Fransen

Hello there,

My name is Peter and on this site I share my interest in smart home devices.

I got interested in technology since…well…at a very early age.

I remember I got a Nintendo for Christmas and played for hours if not days in a row. 

Those were the fun days until….after a while it didn’t load the game. 

I was devastated. The Nintendo made me so hooked and excited on playing games that I really got annoyed that it didn’t load. 

I figured out that by blowing at the pins and connecter from the Nintendo the built up dust would get cleared. After that the game worked perfectly. This has to be my first technological fix.

Since then I got hooked on fixes. Especially simple, creative and above all quick fixes. Fixes that are within your personal reach at that moment.

I always had a broad interest in technology. Always wondered how a device could make my life easier and more entertaining.

From Smart TV’s to Bluetooth Speakers and from Cast devices to robot vacuum cleaners. Always kept in mind: how will this device benefit my life?

After a while I noticed I gave a lot of advice to my friends and family on what to buy for their homes. Mostly because I did a lot of research before buying my own devices. 

To add: If I had bugs or glitches on my own devices I researched a lot to fix them. On top of that I worked for years for a big music streaming company on the technical support. 

Since then I gained a lot of knowledge along the way, without much effort. For me It was always a fun challenge to fix devices. Especially smart devices in and around the house.

I know how frustrating it is if a device is just not working. That first time with the Nintendo made a lasting imprint on me. From then on I always have a mindset that a fix should be simple, creative and quick.

On this website you will find beneficial information for smart devices in and around the house. This in combination with reasons why your smart device is not working plus the fixes.

I hope that I can help you with your smart devices.

All the best,


P.S. Feel free to follow me on Facebook & LinkedIn.